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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 20, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now. >> this is "fox 5 morning news." >> good morning. 6:00 right now, tuesday, august 20th. a live look at 95 near bwi airport causing major delays. good morning i am terra simmons. >> good morning, i am wisdom martin. let's talk to tucker barnes. >> we have a great day, too. we have fog, later this afternoon, temperatures, upper 80s near 90. we have to squeeze every moment. >> enjoy it while you can. >> i feel like they are missing the weather, julie wright being one of them.
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63 dulles, and bwi marshal. overnight lows into the upper 80s later today. there is your satellite radar, nice and quiet. this is not going to show you the fog in the area, particularly west, out 81, wind chester, martinsburg haguers town, very thick dense fog. in fact we have a dense fog advisory until 10:00 all those counties in gray under dense fog advisories particularly from the west. once we burn off the fog, upper 80s. we didn't get out of the 70s yesterday. >> thank you, tucker. >> let's check in with julie wright and 95 north. >> the crash occurred around
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3:00 i-95. accident had northbound lanes completely blocked. as tucker is doing his weather, we are seeing movement along i-95. these folks were stuck an hour and a half. they were turning them around at the scene. northbound i-95 being diverted eastbound. you may want to use baltimore washington parkway. no accidents between college park and bethesda. we have reports of debris and clean up continues northbound i-95 in virginia. eastbound 66 losing speed.
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that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> we are following breaking news former pakistani president sharraf has been charged with murder on buda. basharaf is currently confined to his home outside islam ma bad. >> there are reports the white house has decided to temporarily hold up aid to the country. today the leader of the muslim brotherhood was arrested at an apartment in cairo, mohammed
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bodi will go to trial later this month. ousted president morsi is supported by muslim brotherhood. a flight on the way to austin, a passenger tried to open an emergency door. no word on any charges in this case. >> family, friends and teammates remembering a george mason student. >> 21-year-old patrick considered a top notch volleyball player. a family member thinks he walked along after getting off at the wrong stop. his coach said he had so much
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potential on and off the court. >> he had the softest warmest hard. he was this intense light and that doesn't need to go away. we carry that all with us. >> coach chow says the team will dedicate the team to patrick. counseling services have been made available to the team and staff. >> the driver of the tractor trailer that pushed the car into the water was not experienced. driver worked for a company out of canada. driver of the car that went into the water survived. trial of a man charged in a high profile case is underway, 19-year-old vanessa pham gave a
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ride to julio blanco garcia. he was high on pcp at the time. >> defendant's fingerprints found on the knife. the murder ore left the butcher knife in the video. >> blanco garcia killed vanessa pham but not guilty of premeditated murder. >> coming up, how a new lawsuit can clarify a murky situation. soon a soldier will learn his fate. "fox 5 morning news" is back in
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a moment.
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>> soon private first class bradley manning will learn his fate. manni manning's attorney says he shouldn't serve more than 25 years. deliberations are set for today. british agents destroyed hard drives belonging to "guardian newspaper." >> guardian published information from nsa edward snowden. the united nations is taken aim at armed drones. u.n.'s human right's chief says
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there are serious impacts. it is asking for a clarification of legal basis for the strikes and wants to know what is being done to create safeguards. >> coming up, some call it a perk, some call it a pain. >> either way if your job provides you with a smart phone for work, new ground for your expectations for privacy coming up next.
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>> welcome back, big thank you to everyone tweeting us with their back to school selfies. this is from lisa marie mcfearson. she tweeted us lj's first day from prince george's elementary school. >> first day in kelvert.
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tweet us at myfoxdc be sure to include the #back to school selfie. >> be exciting to say hey, i was on fox 5. >> first day of school. yeah. >> i thought he was wearing shorts in that one picture. >> you can be comfortable later today. increasing humidity. more heat and humidity moving in for a couple of days. that is the good news. let's get to the map. i i want to talk about the fog. it is locally dense and more widespread fog than yesterday at this hour.
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this radar, i have turned on the fog, visibility quarter mile or less. earlier we had issues in manassas. culpeper reduced it is spreading east into fredrick. we'll watch it for the next hour. once we get the sunshine, we'll mix up the atmosphere and fog will dissipate. next couple of hours it is touch and go. look out for the fog. here visibility not great, manassas, culpeper, fredricksburg, one-third of a mile, martinsburg, no visibil y visibility. haguer's town no visibility. gaithersburg, about a mile. we should get plenty of sunshine
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and warmer day, mid to upper 80s as high pressure builds. 69 washington, 66 annapolis. 63 leonard town, 66 fredricksburg. you'll notice that humidity creep up. high pressure nice and quiet. remain dry for your tuesday. winds out of the south will allow the humid air increasing. 88 early fog, afternoon sun, winds out of the south at five. patchy fog tomorrow morning. near 90 for your wednesday. there might be late showers wednesday night into early thursday. thursday looks mostly cloudy. friday, saturday, sunday will bring up sunshine.
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should be a beautiful weekend. right now it looks like a beautiful weekend. that is your weather, julie has been busy all morning. >> good morning, tucker. northbound i-95, crash occurred after the exist at one point all lanes blocked. traffic is moving. the right lane remains closed after i-95 in baltimore. traffic is moving al be it north 895 passed the accident scene. traffic the moving north of 895. southbound lanes open. if you need to make your trip up to baltimore or bwi. stick with 29 or route 1. southbound along 270, no accidents. tucker mentioned fog into the fredrick area, here in hyatts town, we are in for a foggy right.
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no issues out of german town. here comes the thick fog from the west. this is 66 coming inbound. traveling eastbound out of manassas, we could see couple of miles eastbound. quick peek at the map, trouble i-95. stalled tractor trailer north of 234 dumpfries. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right, julie. thank you. when your employer gives you a smart phone to take home and use it for work, smartest thing is to use it only for work. >> there is a lawsuit. a woman sued her supervisor claiming he went through her
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e-mails on her work phone. the company's policy on personal e-mail access was not easy to find. settlement talks are underway and could set new standards for personal e-mail on company devices. a lot of changes. >> lawsuit or not, i wouldn't put my personal stuff on it. live fox business in new york. how do you think paychecks compare to your counter parts? interesting story on the work place coming up next.
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>> welcome back, in today's business beat, inequality when it comes to paychecks. joleen kent with fox business network live in new york, good morning, joleen.
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how are you? >> good morning. how are you? >> great. >> dow is down 18 points. dow ended 70 points lower, nasdaq down 13. this is the fourth consecutive session for dow and s&p 500. this is the largest losing streak since -- tomorrow 2:00 eastern around the world from china to europe. they are hedging wondering what the fed could do if they roll back how much would it be for september and how would it affect their investments. >> all eyes watching that. we talked about about women not earning as much as men, men don't believe it apparently. >> that's right.
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a new poll done by elle, obviously everyone is aware of sexism, according to this study, 80% of men believe they would make the same salary if they were women. only 20% believe there is a pay differential. we know for a fact women make $.70 on the dollar compared to men. >> apparently some are in denial. thank you, joleen. we'll see you tomorrow. coming up, it is a pain but for your protection. new nfl policy caught some fans by surprise at fedexfield. why some women had to ditch their purses. find out what an unruly passeng
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passenger did on a flight from bwi that forced a landing. 
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>> all right. back on "fox 5 morning news," we are sharing your back to school pictures, this is lovely. all right. this is imani who started first grade in prince george's county. we are glad to see all the students getting ready to go back to school. it is the first day in calvert county, maryland. all you high schoolers, if you want to show your back to school style tweet us@backtoschoolselfie. you could tweet it to us @myfoxdc. >> i have been practicing my
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selfie for the last week or two. >> did you get it right? >> just the right angle. >> then you have to make sure your arm is not -- selfies are hard. >> whole new world. didn't have the worry about the selfie. did wake up with fog locally dense. we'll start with temperatures, 69 in washington, 70 in chicago. looking at our satellite radar, can't see the fog with this particular map, a lot of low level moisture, radiational cooling, we were able to cool the atmosphere overnight and here locally. of course we had the rain on sunday. still dealing with the moisture. just out to the west pushing into montgomery and fredrick
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county maryland. dense fog advisory for everybody here in the 10:00. keep that in mind, you might need a couple of minutes. we are going to bring back sunshine with warm and humid air. upper 80s. couple days of summer in the forecast. >> let's check in with julie wright and the latest on traffic. >> all right. guys, tucker, i wanted to show you this, this is the camera we used 10-15 minutes ago. eastbound 66 coming in from manassas, the rest area. we can see a few of the cars on the roads now completely fogged in. visibility is a problem for folks from the west eastbound along 66. reports from callers, definitely
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backed up business 234 headed to the rest area and leaving 28612. crash remains in the right lane before 695. traffic is slowing from 895 moving northbound up to the baltimore beltway. southbound 270 no accidents to report. volume increasing southbound tapping the breaks in german town. earlier problem northbound 235 dumfrieb dumfries has cleared. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> developing in pakistan, former president musharraf is
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facing murder charges. he took power in a coo in 1999 and stepped down in disgrace in 2008. last year he was put under house arrest. this morning charged with murder, facility and facilitation for not doing enough to stop an assassination. >> in egypt, hosni mubarak could walk out of prison. the u.s. is temporarily cutting aid to egypt. >> in this morning, fbi interviewing airline passenger, a man reportedly tried to open a door in mid flight around 6:30 last night. the door was not breached.
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it was headed to austin but diverted to memphis. good news is no one was injured. time for the morning line. >> as expected robert griffin iii didn't hit the field for last night's pre-season match up. he is grabbing headlines, guy stepping in for him kirk cousins now been injured. live to sports junkies 106.7. >> don't panic. >> everybody is freaking out about kirk cousins but rg3 is ready to go. sprinting, no pads, nobody chasing him. that is hardly ready to go. >> will he play in the first game? i am not willing to make that commitment. >> all signs are pointing to robert playing in week 1.
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it shows you somehow delicate these guys are and how brutal. one mild injury on the sideline. if rg3 is hurt, and cousins hurt, we are going back to rex again, who wants to deal with that? >> that is my issue, here it is pre-season you have the key players and doing these things. this doesn't matter. >> you would be the perfect assistant coach on my squad. >> i would never play these guys. >> or key guys like kirk cousins. he couldn't find a receiver so he ran. >> it is part of the offense. >> every team runs bootlegs. part of football. >> they also run spread and triple option. this is what we have to do. our guys are exposed to injury
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more so than other gois. we have to fasten our seat belts. >> your offense would be dubbed "scaredy cat office." >> i would, too. then let the subs do the other stuff. >> back up to the back up. [laughter]. rex grossman, let him run the triple option deluxe. whatever they call it. >> you might see it on saturday, wisdom. >> look, we had other injuries last night. >> weren't there other injuries? >> coatfield broke a bone in his
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hand. >> robinson had to leave the game because of injury and a bunch of guys because of injuries. josh wilson, a lot of guys we are relying on aren't playing. i don't think it is tremendously worrisome because we haven't lost anybody for the year other than phillip thomas in week one. we have to protect our guys. >> with a buffalo game coming up this saturday, not a lot of time to heal. even more depth guys playing bigger roles. >> they are 2-0 in the preseason! >> hurray! in the pre-season. >> wait to see what happens when it finally stars. >> hopefully we won't have anymore on the injured list. thank you very much. we appreciate. >> thank you, wisdom, thank you,
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sar sarah. >> nfl prohibiting many women's purses and requiring ladies to carry their things in the plastic bag. >> i wouldn't take anything. league says it is for safety reasons. some women say they were not given enough of a heads up. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live. >> reporter: hey guys. it is women more than men that have to lug a bunch of stuff into games, wherever they go, really. nfl says it is called all clear bag policy. it was clear it was not clear to all of the redskins fans. some caught off guard resorted to desperate measures. look at these pictures snapped by lauren demarco. some women were stashing handbags in the bushes,
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fortunately they were there after the game. national football league announced the issues in june now fans are limited to carrying in bags that are clear which makes it easier and security to scan the contents. bags can be no longer than 12x6x12 inches. monday at fedexfield first pre-season home game. there was some confusion about the new policy. most fans understood the reason behind it. >> i am fine with it. anything for security. the age we live in these days. if it makes it faster to get through i am fine with it. you don't need a big huge purse at a football game. >> it is an inconvenience for women, you have it in a clear
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plastic bag. kind of inconvenient >> reporter: nfl says women can bring in a small clutch longs it is as big as a hand. nfl says every member of a family can carry approved clear tote which should give them plenty of storage, a lot of people have questions about diaper bags, you can carry a bag and your child can. the nfl said the goal is to make goals safer. a lot of people asked if the boston bombs is what brought this policy about. nfl have been discussing ways to make security harder for a long time. boston bombing expedited implementation of this policy. back to you guys. >> certainly hope so, mel,
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thanks so much. first family is welcoming a new pet. >> "fox 5 morning news" is back in a moment.
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>> one week from tomorrow, nation will mark 50th anniversary of the march on washington. interesting fact about the march. it drew a crowd some estimate as large as half a million people, no marchers arrested. if you were at the march or know someone who was, we want to hear your story, send us pictures and e-mails, e-mail at tweet us
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#@myfoxdc. >> after posting on zuckerberg's facebook -- the hacker will not get paid because he violated the terms of service. first family's dog, beau is a big brother now. her name is sunny. she is one year old. like beau, she is a portuguese water dog. michele obama said beau could use more doggy interaction with
6:46 am
sunny. >> right. she is super cute. >> she needs a little bow. >> the front is different. beau has white marks. >> all right. >> super cute. >> they are so fuzzy. i have never seen a portuguese wat wat waterdog in person ult. >> i don't think they shed. that is a bonus. >> let's do the weather. we have dense fog advisory for the west of the chesapeake. this is picking up fog west
6:47 am
minister, haguers town for a good chunk of the morning. south and west of the city, visibility is greatly reduced. julie has been showing traffic there. things will gradually improve as we get into our day. highs in the upper 80s. current visibility, fog not an issue. check out manassas, 0 visibility. one-third of a mile in culpeper. haguers town and fredrick, one-third of a mile. it may slow your travel. 69 washington, 61 in gaithersburg. 63 leonard town.
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mid 60s annapolis. high pressure and southerly breeze allow humidity and heat to return. both today, tomorrow and thursday feature more heat and humidity. it will be back this weekend and we are going to cull it down. accuweather seven day. warm and humid. we'll goat thunderstorms late thursday and that will bring in cooler and drier air. weekend plans, close to perfect. mid 80s. >> we have lucked out on these weekends. >> should be nice at the beach as well. >> tucker, what time is it? >> you know what time it is. >> doo, da, doo.
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>> it is time for ask tony and tucker! mr. tony perkins and i put our heads together. tony off again today enjoying much need ed vacation. although we text back and forth. >> i had a feeling. >> i am handling this question myself with help from sarah and wisdom. >> nil writes: there was as debate on facebook ability the proper way to pronounce "caramel." can you please clarify the
6:50 am
question for me? >> i have heard people say it both ways, in illinois, caramel. >> down south, caramel. >> fascinating question. i try not to talk about it at all because of dental f that wa wouldn't eat nick. new -- anything. >> i had a $1,200 incident with caramel. >> wow. let's get to the map. this is about american dialect. fascinating country we live in. this great researchers dr. joshua cats down at nc state university created these maps with local dialects. what we are looking at this first map, difference between
6:51 am
caramel and caramel. the blue, deep south, mississippi, wisdom. red states say caramel. >> i see illinois is a faded pink. >> right along the mississippi. depends on where you grew up. no right way. it has to do with local dialect. >> i figured it was a northern vs. southern. >> i have more maps. here is your next map, part of the country all in map referring to "sub" saying getting a sandwich and in the other part they call it a
6:52 am
"hoaggie." >> that's right. >> next one, this is the difference between soda or pop. >> i know this one. >> in red include here in d.c. and dmv, we call it "soda." blue they call it "pop" and green they refer to it by the soda's name, coke or rc cola. >> drink. >> you would never specify? >> that is what i remember down south. >> that could mean a lot of things. >> all right. this is, again american dialect, all the states in red when they are talking about a group of
6:53 am
people, you all. what do the folks in green states say? >> you all is proper. >> how do you say it, wisdom? >> y'all. >> it depends where you came from. >> detroit an detroit? >> there are a whole bunch of maps. go to glad to answer your questions. >> thank y'all. >> y'all having a rough time. >> in southeastern, virginia we say all y'all. my momma says coca-cola. we say cement not cement.
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>> that is local dialect. [laughter]. >> all right. see if you understand this, looking through the fog, we showed you the same camera, now we can see a little bit. fog is hindering this commute. allow extra time on the roads, eastbound 66 slow moving business 234 out of manassas. not so much fog northbound i-95 after i-195. quick peek at the maps. we have accident activity to report for those traveling inbound along river bend road before the georgetown pike and closed a portion of 286, fairfax county parkway between 634 and lees chapel. before you reach prince george
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another crash at golden beach. follow police direction. northbound 5 headed out of bran brandy wine 26 miles an hour. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. more with "fox 5 morning news" after the break. hñ
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that is going to do it for the 6:00. let's send it over the allison and sarah. >> coming up on "fox 5 morning news" major developments from the crisis in egypt. there were new reports, the u.s. has suspended aid. >> plus inside the mind of a killer, defense attorney of the man that murdered vanessa pham admits he committed the crime but says it was not
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premeditated. >> we are going to show you the latest numbers. >> another redskins pre-season win, losses from backup quarterback. >> "fox 5 morning news" at 7:00 starts right now. >> this is "fox 5 morning news." >> straight up, 7:00 now it looks like, i was going to say some place on the magnificent place of africa. tucker barnes will be back to tell us what that picture is. in the meantime good morning, i am allison seymour. >> i am sarah simmons. tony has the day out. some of you first day of


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